First steps

So I got hold of a Freetronics EtherTen early this year and started getting familiar with it. After getting a multi-colour LED to change colour I hooked up a tempreature sensor and got it reporting temperature as a simple web server. It’s still sitting on my study desk at the moment. To see this remotely on the web I had to figure out how to do port forwarding on my router.

About this time I discovered Cosm, and hacked up a feed so that I could push my data to their site, and thus make the data visible without having to open a port on my network. Cosm turned into Xively, so I rewrote the sketch to incorporate the API changes. You can check the feed here.

photoA bit later I dug out a couple of LDRs and hooked them up so I can measure light level too. There are two because they are different types and I wanted to check their sensitivity. The temperature sensor is hanging off the edge of the desk at the moment.


Here’s a shot of the Xively feed. This is the last 7 days and you can see the daily cycles. Some days the curtains may be closed, and some evenings a light may be on. The light levels are inverted, so when it is bright the resistance and thus the graph drops.

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