Time for an update?

Realised I have not written any updates here for half the year, it has been a busy time. I’m now teaching the Robotics/Electronics subject but getting students up to speed with theory has cut into real hands-on time.

I also received a grant so there are resources stashed away for when I have time to unpack and set up, but our new workspace is not ready yet.

Toys to play with include:

  • a laser cutter
  • 3D printer (finally out of the box and doing some tests)
  • Arduino kits (these have been used by some of my more motivated kids)
  • micro:bits (got a bit of use already)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • a weather station that needs to be installed, then we can use it to collect lots of data
  • a couple of mBots
  • bits and pieces of electronics